Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Now-a-days the demand of Temporary Staffing is increasingly catching up. Temporary staffing is a great solution for companies whose staffing requirements change throughout the year. The key reason that drives Temporary Staffing is that Companies today want to focus on their core business functions and hence want to outsource all activities that are not directly linked to their business. Temporary staffing is based on contracts between the organization and the recruitment company. The staffing company mainly provides staffs based on the requirements of the organization.

Acreaty's Temporary Staffing in Kenya

Are you looking for trustworthy and pioneer temporary staffing agency? Acreaty Kenya is one of the premier and finest Temporary Staffing Services in Kenya. Apart from permanent recruitment, we do offer temporary staffing services for a specific demand or project based. With our own database and pool of high-quality staff, we can find you the right candidate to mee8t your manpower needs. We provide an efficient Temporary/ Flexi staffing services to ensure that vacancies are filled in a timely manner with the right people to meet the demands of the job.

Get the staffing solutions your organization needs

Temporary staffing is a great option for companies whose manpower requirements change throughout the year. If your requirements change at any time or your business is seasonal, working with one of the leading Temporary Employment Agencies in Kenya can be a great way to resolve your staffing needs. It also allows you to focus on the running of your business instead of continually recruiting for your ongoing temporary staffing requirements.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing Outsourcing in Kenya:

  • Minimize Risk– We help businesses minimize risk and stay abreast on the Labor law and Employment Act. We completely help companies comply with these laws.
  • Controls extra cost– Staff outsourcing helps in reducing the cost of maintaining non-revenue-generating expenses.
  • Improves Efficiency– Maintaining a productive and an efficient workplace is critical. We simplify important functions such as administration, payroll and compliance management. Therefore, employers and managers spend more time in improving the effectiveness of the company.

We want you to know that your peace of mind is just as important to us as it is to you. At Acreaty, all candidates are well-tested, interviewed, screened and shortlisted and undergo an extensive background check. We provide a rapid service to ensure that vacancies are filled in an appropriate manner with the right people to meet the demands of the job. We are one of today's leading and most innovative employment agencies and recruiting companies, providing proven and successful Recruitment Agencies in Kenya to perfectly tailor to meet your business needs. With the widespread branch network in the industry, we can deliver temporary staffing solutions for almost every sector, including specialist industries.

Our clients trust us to find the best fit. Contact us today!

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